The Menu

Proportion are always abundant  – 
1:     Gli Antipasti –
             * I Faggotini   ( little crepès filled with red and yellow roasted peppers
                                                or  – mushrooms – or spinach & ricotta)
             * La Focaccia pugliese
             * I Grissini torinesi
             * I Formaggi   order
                   ( Cheese plate  Brie – Parmigiano Reggiano –  Pecorino – Camembert)
2:     I Primi Piatti –
             * Lasagne di Carne   (meat)
             * Lasagna di vedure  (vegetable)
             *Ravioli con Zucca   (squash)
             * Ravioli con Ricotta e Spinaci. ( cheese & spinach)
             * Ravioli con Carne (meat)
             * Crespelle ai funghi  ( mushroom crepes)
              Gluten Free :
              * Polenta Pasticciata  ( grilled potenta with Ouiche )
                                                     ( grilled polenta with Ratatuoille )
              * Melanzane alla Parmigiana ( eggplant parmigiana)
3:     I Secondi Piatti –
            * Polpettone di Carne in Agrodolce. ( meatloaf pugliese)
            * Polpette (meat balls in sauce or without sauce)
                         hor d’oeuvre size
4:     I Contorni –
            * Insalata di Carote (carrot salad )
            * Insalata Mista
            * Insalata Siciliana (
5:     Il Dolce –
            * Cantucci di Prato – Biscotti
            * Biscotti all’anice e limone
            * Torta di Carote (italian sponge carrot cake)
            * La Crostata di frutti di bosco (berries)
            * La Crostata di mele  (apples)
            * Torta della Nonna ( ricotta & pine nut)
            * Tiramisu (pick me up)
            * i Cannoli Siciliani
            * Pera Cotta ( pears steamed in wine from Pantelleria )
6:     Uncatorgorized –
           * Pane

7 thoughts on “The Menu

  1. Today my wife and I stopped by the Findley Market Table of Cucina della Patrizia. We decided to try the crespelle and the mozzarella cheese. Crespelle will be tomorrow’s lunch, the formaggio was used tonite for pizze, and it was a delicious addition to the pizza. There’s a small town in Campania, Sant’ Angelo D’Alife where I thought I had the best Mozzarella, but this beats even that. Best of luck to the lovely couple who we had the good fortune to meet, rest assured we will be back for more of your products.

  2. I stopped by Findlay Market and meet this totally delightful couple. But it’s the food that counts, I know, I was gifted a portion of the tiramasu to try with the items I had purchased. I said that I had only eaten tiramasu twice where I had truly liked it — on two different trips to Italy; all my other experiences in New York, wherever, had not converted me to this beloved dessert. So the gift was offered for me to try. I had it last night. It was delicious. It was light, airy, with just the right sweetness and full of memorable flavors that are still swirling in my head today. Bravo! And again this couple is totally enchanting. Will you take me on a culinary tour of Italy? If you ever organize something let or would be mendable to it, keep me in mind, please. And Nicola’s would be wise to add this tiramasu to its menu,; just as the 5 star Maisonette added Avi’s cheesecakes to its menu many years ago. (Of course, everything else at the Maisonette was made in house.) This tiramasu is that good! It’s lasagna tonight…..

  3. Hands down, the best lasagna I have ever had, ever. So much flavor and you can see and taste the fresh ingredients, down to the sweet carrots at the base of the bright sauce. This is a weekly must have when we go to the Farmer’s Market. So happy to have found!

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