About Us

Ciao – I am Patrizia, I am from Italy, living in the Cincinnati area and miss the advantages of a long enjoyable dinner with friends and family. I enjoy preparing real (VERO) traditional italian foods and the culture of using fresh ingredients, found locally. I have participated in events held by organizations such as SLOW FOOD and ZERO KILOMETRI, (zero miles from your table.)
These organizations promote the culture eating genuine dishes, cooked with fresh items, obtained from your local farmers.
(fruits, vegetables, and meats produced by the small local farmers, who are more respectful of quality (not quantity) and hygiene.
The purpose of this blog is to promote the idea of supporting your local farmers by eating exceptional foods prepared with their local produce.
My colleague and I have experience preparing particular foods for unique restaurants that strive to prepare genuine and authentic traditional dishes of Italy. We operated our own laboratory preparing foods daily to order of our clients.
We intend to continue to pursue our shared passion of Food and Wine by preparing and offering for sale our products and services in the Cincinnati area.
Our interest is preparing dishes that conform to the philosophy of Zero Kilometers or Slow Food. (anti-fastfood).
This activity has to do with preparing foods with fresh local produce sourced from small local farmers who have interest in providing products of the highest quality and can quickly deliver them at the peak moment of ripeness so as to maximize unique flavor sensations.
In the past we developed and operated a laboratory in Varese, Italy, which fished Lake Maggiore and Como and prepared fresh water fish dishes for local restaurants as well as our retail outlet. The fish were caught in the morning, cleaned and prepared in the afternoon and on the plate that evening. We grew this small business servicing our local community, special events, local restaurants bars and enotecas.
Wine was always a key ingredient in many dishes and wine was always paired with these foods.
We are interested in continuing our business by cooperating / collaborating with others who share our passion for real hand crafted foods made with the best available seasonal produce.
Should you find the philosophy and products interesting please contact us.

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